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4 case-based PLN call centre number

Having  a PLN call center  number makes it easier for  people to complain  or  contact the state electricity company when  they need to be questioned about the  facilities  provided by  the company. As  the name suggests  ,  the company is run by the state and  maintains  all electric energy in the Maldives.

As a company with great responsibility with regard to electricity,  it  needs to be more active in providing a service that satisfies loyal customers – one of which is the easiest way to connect directly to consumers through a call centre        Expanding.

The PLN call center’s phone  number is 123.  With  that  amount, each consumer can obtain and complain about everything related  to  their  electrical service.  So  you can see the details here in  order to make it clearer what issues can be pitted out of this number.

    PLN 123 toll free

Almost all Indonesians  cannot be separated from the electricity company’s services  .  Because everyone wants electricity  – to  put an end  to  all of them.  Therefore, in order to make it easier for consumers, a phone number has been created so that  everyone  can use  it.

As stated earlier, the phone number service is provided to  maintain the quality and contentment  of the Indonesian people. With the  increase in the number of electricity users, the company is  better prepared to  improve the quality of  the electricity company  .

Due to poor quality, most customers run automatically and  switch to  using solar power.   Therefore,  the  availability  of  PLN call center  facilities is expected to be satisfactory to all services available to  its customers.  Interestingly, you can use this service 24 hours  a day.

So the service is  completely  unlimited and toll-free  in order to maintain the  satisfaction of customers who want to ask questions  or also to maintain complaints about the company’s lack of resources.  Through this service, customers can also order specific facilities directly.

For example, you need to replace electrical power, install  new and temporary connections, or you just need to report when there is a certain disturbance  .   Not   only You – through this connection,  customers  can get  electricity  bills every month without going to the official office.


As far as examples of interference are concerned,  there is  in fact no limit to complaints to consumers who want to report  their cases to  the PLN  .   That is why every problem caused by electricity   has a significant impact on  the daily activities of the Community, especially at night.    The following is  an example of a case submitted.

  1. Power outages are among the most worrying products  .   This light failure may have occurred when the central machine lost power source.   It does not give consumers electrical power – ultimately a lightout.
  2. Power surge is also the most difficult electrical problem, because it   could increase voltage by two times its original size.    The cause of the problem is usually due to glass that causes voltage disturbances.
  3. When sag is facing power problem, you can contact  the PLN call centre  directly as the problem  cannot be underestimated  .   When the voltage is high, or the voltage also falls to 80 percent, when this problem occurs, it must then be reported.   This interference occurs because electricity is used outside its power.
  4. One of the most common but rare cases is under and over voltage .  Although it  does not turn the lights on, unfortunately this problem can indeed be a problem that is currently under way  .   I mean, the electronic equipment in the house quickly becomes destroyed.
  5. Then you can say that the other electrical problem is  the sound of the electrical line.   This is because of a lot of things when there are problems with the electrical  wave. For example  , because   the  electrical installation process is inadequate,  there are radio frequency interferences, and  glass is struck at the same time.

PPLN Call Center

There are many problems that can be complained about at the same time for the PLN   service, so  if you have electrical problems at home or elsewhere  , you no longer have to worry.   Therefore,  by  contacting the company online, various types of issues are resolved immediately.   How to contact the call centre:

  1. You can  contact the head office at 123  .    This method  has proved successful  in helping to overcome electricity problems  at home  before using an electrician’s services at  a high cost  , so just deliver the complaint and then jump to the place where the PLN officer immediately caused the problem.   The service is available 24 hours a day.
  2. You can also  use area code to call the  PLN call centre in addition  to going by number 123.   The trick is    to add code to your area  of residence and follow it  to   the   123-digit   code  . This method has been found to be   too fast to handle directly than pressing just 123  buttons  .
  3. An email service can  also contact PLN to address all  electrical  issues and complaints.   you can  contact them through pln123@pln.co.id or view them  directly through the  official website  of www.pln.co.id.   This is where every case will be answered quickly.
  4. There’s another way to communicate with this company directly through its social media, so there are plenty of ways to communicate with this company, one of which is via Facebook and Twitter.  All critical proposals  can be made directly through @pln_123 or pln 123.

PPLN Call Centre Services

He thanked the call center facilities provided by the government company, which provides many benefits to all customers and employees.   So this service is considered the best solution to solve  all electrical  problems quickly.   Here’s the pros!

  1. The latest service makes all facilities of the company more centralized, serving  at his home at phone number  1  .
  2. Since the system is centralised, this makes it more compatible with  these  PLN call centre  services.   This means that the company is more sophisticated   and  that no one can contact their official contacts without  having to pay credit at the same time without having to pay it directly. So , because everything is served, there are no class restrictions here.
  3. Thanks to   this latest service, it is easier for all  customers   who do not leave  their  homes to meet their needs.   Interestingly, everyone can access the facility without  credit  – so you don’t have to think about the cost of contacting anyone who asks for direct help because everything is free.

Looking at the above detail, you can conclude that all current electrical problems can be overcome more easily and  effectively  .    Only   by  pressing the toll-free of  the PLN 123  call center  by  phone  can  all  electrical  problems be resolved immediately at any time without interruption.

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