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Popular and delicious West Javanese Sambal Assorted Recipe

The food for Various Sambal Khas Jawa Barat is very popular  even in many respects   .   There are many specials that use the usual cheese from each section because it can add a tasty flavor to each dish                . Sambal is also a feature of the State of Indonesia.

Rich in spices gives Indonesia many ideas to be used as a special tyrant from each region  .   This cheese is also a less important addition to most people  .        The connoisseurs of sambal are very and wide.

So,      some people say that if eaten without cheese   , it will feel less delicious; on java island there is an area, it is  West Java, which has a normal sambel with many   connoisseurs.   The recipe of the various ordinary sambal  of west Java serin is sought after because it  is so special and unique for its connoisseurs.

Java  West has a common dish that is famous for being very delicious and fragrant.  This is because most western Java areas are at low temperatures  so that when they eat only white rice  ,  dried salmon and cheese, it makes residents there feel a lot  of delicious eating.

FreshDadak Chili Sauce due to Sliced Orange Limo

The first food  for various Western chili sauces is  sambal dadak.   This type of cheese is very popular because of its name which means a new one  .        The prominence of this cheese is also not only in its name  but also in its taste and how to do it.   This cheese also tends to be served in restaurants so people can enjoy  it.

The practicality of sambal dadak makes the seller not have to be disturbed, meaning this chili sauce will do it immediately when someone orders.    So that the cheese will taste fresh     .     In addition, the cheese is also made with a mixture of limo oranges to keep its freshness      .

You can enjoy this lemon with any food  , but most like the side dishes of dried chicken or freshly cooked salmon.    You can make it because it’s so easy with  the recipe below.

The desired ingredients are 3 onions, 5 red berries and cayenne  size adjustments or for those who like to be able to increase the amount  , grilled paste is enough 1  single soybean, 1 spoon of salt,  30  grams of brown  sugar  , 1 tablespoon of tomatoes and cut into pieces, including lemon juice or orange lime.

How to do it is to select all the ingredients provided  such as shallots, red pepper, cayenne apples, sugar sauce, sugar, and salt.   Then after feeling smooth  enough to add red tomatoes and  ulek until smooth.   The last part of the recipes for the various  West Javanese chili sauces  , like sambal dadak, is to add slices  of orange limo or squeezed water just.

When eating this sambal meal,  you will be immediately addicted and want to continue to eat  ; the taste, a little sweet flavor,  as well as the brightness of the limo orange will impress its connoisseurs.    Especially if you are happy in cold weather, it will be even more delicious.

Sambar Cikur’s Pungent Aroma

The next cheese recipe  is still not tasty and delicious because the ingredients used  are  also varied, namely kencur.   One of these Indonesian spices is actually rarely used for most foods but appears to have a special taste for food      .

In fact, many say that most  of the West Java  region  prefers these spices  .   Food for various  Western chili sauces from  Sundanese has a lot of pungent fragrances and usually makes people tempted and want to eat them immediately.

Kencur has its distinctive fragrance and this is the main ingredient of the usual sundanese chili  recipe.   Many people like this unique cheese and will give a good impression  .  The ingredients used to make this cheese meal are also fairly simple,  that is cayenne pomegranate  according to the taste and level of your spiciness  .

2  cloves of shallots and 1 clove of grain, the main ingredients of 1 portion, 1/2 bowl of grilled fruit, 1/2 of tomatoes, limes 1/2, salt and sugar according to taste.   Although using the main ingredients is small, it tastes fairly strong when eating.

How to make it, the recipe for  various Western chili javanese recipes  is as follows.

  1. Wash all the ingredients one by one.
  2. Purify all the ingredients by dropping       them, but for tomatoes and tomatoes,  let them crushed the end to make the fragrance more pleasant   .
  3. After  the desired  level of goodness squeezes  the limbs on top  to add freshness.

Green Sambal Tempts Sambal Cibiuk

Sambal  is a characteristic of a very delicious fragrance when eating  .   So   the next  dish for various  Western chili  sauces Javanese also has a flavor.  But this time the color of the onion is different from the two types of cheese above because this one is a tempting green  , like cibiuk.

Like the dadak  chili cheese above which is not fried  , the sacibiuk  is also classified as raw chili meat. This type of cheese can be easily found in Garut  .   Although it is green and different from other chili sauces  , the ingredients used are not very different.

The tool used  is simply ulek and can be enjoyed with a lot of food as ingredients supported by  fried chicken, fried fish, to crackers.   In fact, many people also eat only white rice and onions, which are also very delicious .   Below is a recipe  for various green yellow Javanese chili  sauces.

The ingredients used this time are to prepare plenty of  green pepper or cayenne pepper or you can mix two.   The greenof of the cheese comes from this main ingredient  .   Other components include 2 green tomatoes   , 2 seeds, 1 white ribbon, 1 leaf  of kemangi, 1 spoon, 1 spoon of tomatoes, 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, 1 tablespoon of salt  and sugar, each 1  /2 tablespoons of sugar.

The process of making it the same as most   raw chili sauces, is to mix and ulek until halus all the ingredients above; the level of subtlety also improves the   needs and taste of each person.   But for the leaves and tomatoes, let them be laid long because they do not need to be too smooth.

When you are eating at stall, there may not be many    stalls that give you the various types of popular chili sauce above    .  So, thanks to the ease of the ingredients used to make them, you can try to make your own recipes  for various Western chili chili sauces  with fragrance, savory and fresh.

Because so many sambal lovers have so far started to enter other countries, this is because the delicious taste  of cheese is really second aryary.   In fact, many people are crazy about chili  cheese  with the presence of chili meat, making the food more tasty.   You can make  recipes for other Western chili chili sauces.

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