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Recommended KTA does not have a credit card slip

KTA without a credit card is easy to prioritize, especially for those with additional funds. In the meantime, please ask for funds in the bank, and must be guaranteed. This sincerity also has miscellaneous credit that makes it easy for credit card owners to be unsecured credit

But people are rare, and when words are difficult, when things have been lost, they immediately refuse. Filing responsibilities are simple, payroll, NPWP, monthly payroll, passbook. However, the minimum wage must be sufficient. With a credit card, the loan limit is very high.

In the matter, there are hundreds of millions of people. The world makes this loan long. Fintech is also easy to survive. Because those who do not have a credit card apply for KTA recommendation, the treaty is very simple, and everything is easy. It doesn’t take long

Although, you have to be careful. Non-fintech companies are good. It was also like a plunge in newsmakers. If you want to claim it, watch what you want. Because OJK reads the full form, OJK is the final financial supervisory body.

In 2021, fintech is booming. Dahang community benefit also. In order to not cheat in the transaction, there is credible financial technology, which can be an urgent choice.

Recommended KTA No Credit Card Slip Bank Permata Bank

First Bank can be the first choice for loans. In terms of matters, there is a difference from IDR 2 million to IDR 10 million. The payment period is December. The branch is urgent, and about 24 hours after the quasi-time, the funds are directly into the account.

Each loan is subject to an interest rate of 2.99%. The number of installments remains the same. Minimum installment 6 months. Submit a given form first. Therefore, you must learn it. Permata Bank will also give attraction promotions.

 If you do not have a simple credit card, KTA will agree to give a  3-year repayment period. If the payment is late, the crime will be a penalty of 5% of the bill, which will be reduced to IDR 150,000. Please, the Son will ask for more.

At least IDR 3 million per month. Be 21 to 50 years old, and be a regular employee of the company for at least 2 years. Application documents, such as KTP, copy of KK, marriage certificate, pay slips for the last 3 months.

Also current accounts, law and terminal diplomas and NPWPs of long-term employees. In fact, you do not need to have a Permata savings account. But when there is a transfer fee of IDR 150,000. It is advisable to apply for an account.

Tunaiku, program D Ali Bank Amar

KTA without a credit card, easy to find Tunaiku, since 2014, OJK. It is necessary to have additional funds, there is no doubt about it. The matter has received 24 less help to get funds. Download the app from Google Play Store

Form filled in with Jun’s ID card with Tunaiku. The form will be fixed and vice versa. The contract is completed, and this money can be disbursed immediately. Interesting, when faster installments, no interest.

For KTA without a credit card, there is a difference from IDR 2 million to IDR 20 million. Several people used it to recommend it. When you want to borrow, websites and apps. The calculation point has been seen. So it’s a choice

How many installments will be borrowed and installments. That is, there are numbers, monthly installments also. However, please pay attention to your ID card when handing it in. Try not to be read by the system. The loan will then be immediately rejected.

In addition to additional funds. Tunaiku is also invested by Junzi. There is already a proposal. Therefore, the king will know his strengths, and he will not be preserved from January to March, and he can know the long-term.

CIMB Niaga Additional Fund

No credit card under the request KTA recommended from CIMB Niaga, there is additional funds. It is for those who want additional funds, to the solution also. Access is easy. No need but call center website to office

For those who are interesting, the capital can be applied for as little as 24 to 7 days. A form has been obtained for completion and the application is the first. Interest rate of 1.79% per loan. This amount is very large, and Ru can apply up to 300 million rupiahs.

Non-CIMB International Niaga users also, KTA advice credit card this simple can also be other bank customers. But be realistic. At the time of application, be between the ages of 21 and 55. and Indonesian citizens with ID cards

If the amount exceeds IDR 50 million, please submit a copy of NPWP’s payslip. For his customers, there are additional credit cards. However, in the Workers’ House, there is nothing to be desired. In case of late payment, IDR 150,000 will be charged.

Online loan d Ali money friend

At the end of no credit card, KTA referral friends money also. Please have a calculator available for money. Up to IDR 3,000,000 for 70 days. This financial technology is credible, and nearly 80% of them re-borrow

How please is very simple, but try money mobile download into the app. In addition, the selfie of the person with the ID card is completed in about 5 minutes. The contract agreement is signed, and the payment will be made at 24 o’clock. Friends have won hundreds of awards.

Supervised by OJK access. Therefore, security is not deceptive. Easy and light also. Borrowers range in age from 21 to 60. Borrowing money from its land maximizes Jabodetabek. Only Solo and its surroundings have great limitations.

Applicable to IDR 2,000,000. With a person, that is, ID card, pay stub, home card, person’s photo. The payment period is 10 days to 30 days longer interest rates. Its quality is clear, and there is no fraud.

The entry of capital is really important in the circles. Teaching, business, him. But it is necessary to prophet the essentials. If you are really worried, you should not do it.  KTA proposals for those without credit cards are easily required by various groups, especially popular



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